What Makes a Man of Parts?

A person of many talents and endeavors, they seek inspiration from the world over
Portrait of Stephan Weishaupt

Naturally Inspired

Stemming from a desire to nurture and guide sustainable innovation and work more closely with makers, MAN OF PARTS founder, Stephan Weishaupt, rolls up his sleeves in the name of design. An innate editor, he identifies and brings together talented collaborators from across the globe.

Born and raised in Munich, Stephan’s family — a long line of craftsmen, entrepreneurs, architects, and artists — informed his curiosity, creativity and an openness to explore many points of view.

Embodying a Man of Parts himself, Stephan travels the world in search of unique perspectives reflecting the lives of globally-minded people.

Our Sustainability Story

  • Heirloom Standards

    Built to last, our products are crafted with sustainable and honest materials, designed for decades of use.
  • Intentional Design

    Guided by intentional design, we drive sustainable innovation and collaborate closely with makers to minimize waste, improve production methods, and ensure non-toxic finishes and processes.
  • Ethics & Accountability

    Partnering with ethical generational businesses in small communities, we mandate offsetting carbon footprints and safe working environments.
  • Social Responsibility

    Giving back and paying it forward, we actively support the social and environmental initiatives of WeForest and Rainbow Railroad to positively impact the welfare of individual communities, globally.

Defining Our Design

Diverse Inspiration with common aesthetic elements.

  • Post National Influence

    Cross-cultural designs fuse elements from many cultures
  • Organic Modernism

    Reduced lines & adornment paired with curves and warm materials
  • Rich Subtlety

    Quietly confident with deep colours & rich finishes
  • Unexpected Details

    Contrasting elements create interest not competition

Defining Our Service

Making your experience as pleasureable as the product.

  • Old World Craft, New World Service

    Master European makers paired with modern responsiveness and flexibility
  • Made to Measure

    Increasing range of custom options for projects or as exclusives for your showroom
  • Immediate Gratification

    Stocked products and new debuts that are ready to buy “off the runway” for immediate delivery
  • Pleasure Principle

    We focus on problem solving tools to help make design pleasurable

In Good Company

Pinning the map with installations around the world.

Four Seasons


Craftsman House

Drew Mandel Architects, Canada

The Londoner

United Kingdom

Yacht Entourage

Burdifilek, British Virgin Islands

Chipperfield House

EuroBoden, Germany

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