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Jacques Guillon

Born in 1922 in Paris, Jacques Guillon established himself in Montréal and quickly became a Canadian design pioneer. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach and bringing together a multi-talented team of designers his work spans across industrial design, interior design, graphic design and architecture. His very first creation, a dining room set, displayed a modernism previously unseen in Quebec furniture. The workplace environment, the product marketing process, the development of corporate identity programs and the practical aspect of urban transportation systems rapidly became some of this designer’s preferred interests.

Many of his projects have left their mark – and continue to have an impact – on Montréal, Canadian and North American landscapes. Among his most easily recognized accomplishments is the symbol and signage system for the Montréal Métro. Jacques S. Guillon has designed numerous interior layouts,a wide range of office furniture, among others the Alumna collection by Artwood, corporate identity programs and has realized many transport-related projects. He participated in mounting exhibitions that include the scientific exhibit at the Pavilion of Man at Expo 67 and many others at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa.

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