Rua Tucumã Coffee Table

One of Sao Paulo’s premier addresses in the lush and posh Jardins district takes its name from a palm tree’s fruit. The Tucumã fruit is a rich burnished colour on the outside and opens to beautiful rings of dark brown and white within. Osvaldo Tenorio’s Rua Tucumã coffee tables mirror the natural inspiration evident in all things Brazilian where the line between indoors and outdoors disappears.

Product Knowledge

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  • Designer
    Osvaldo Tenório
  • Origin
  • Finish
    Galvanized metal frame with a smoked glass top
  • Dimensions
    90cm Dia x 28cm H
  • Production


Burnished Bronze
Painting of Osvaldo Tenório
Designed By

Osvaldo Tenório

The architect-designer from Pernambuco, Brazil built his path to success always striving to impress his identity on his work. Incorporating nature, regional references, noble materials, and clean forms, he embodies the heart of Brazilian architecture and design.

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