Ladder Street

Ladder Street’s stone steps help Hong Kong’s residents traverse the Sheung Wang District towards Victoria Peak. The Street itself consists almost entirely of the stairs but off Ladder Streets branches many full of treasures well worth exploring. Hollywood Road, the famous antique and art market and home to the Man Mo Temple, is among them.

The LADDER STREET wall unit by Yabu Pushelberg similarly rests on a foundation of solid stone steps in Carrara Marble or Belgian Blue Limestone off of which extend solid oak shelves designed to hold your curiosities. Strong and simple lines will ensure LADDER STREET hold them for decades to come.


Yabu Pushelberg


The Netherlands


Solid oak frame with Carrara Marble or Belgian Blue Limestone 


350cm W × 43cm D × 210cm H







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Designed by Yabu Pushelberg

Established in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Yabu Pushelberg is one of the world’s most admired multidisciplinary design practices with teams in New York and Toronto. Creating immersive and jaw-dropping experiences for some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, hotel groups and luxury brands you would imagine them to be intimidating figures.

What those who work with them love is that the opposite is true. With disarming candor, an energetic and collaborative spirit and the range to solve any brief they truly approach design challenges with the same care and consideration an inn keeper does; designing for how people feel and interact as much as what they see. 

Follow their travels @yabupushelberg & @georgeglenn