Pacific Heights wine chiller

In San Francisco’s Golden Mile, Pacific Heights offers panoramic views of The Golden Gate Bridge and would be America’s most expensive zip code if it had its own. Home to immaculately maintained heritage properties and new tech titans the area meshes old and new.

The Pacific Heights wine chiller by Yabu Pushelberg embodies old and new by mixing the sophistication of entertaining in the past with a new minimal form. The minimal metal frame mirrors the trusses of the Golden Gate bridge and comes in Smoked Bronze or Smoked Brass finishes as its Gin Lane bar cart counterpart does. Crafted in Italy the chiller adds drama to any environment.



Yabu Pushelberg




Smoke Bass or Smoked Bronze Steel


30cm D × 90cm H






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Designed by Yabu Pushelberg

Established in 1980 by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, Yabu Pushelberg is one of the world’s most admired multidisciplinary design practices with teams in New York and Toronto. Creating immersive and jaw-dropping experiences for some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, hotel groups and luxury brands you would imagine them to be intimidating figures.

What those who work with them love is that the opposite is true. With disarming candor, an energetic and collaborative spirit and the range to solve any brief they truly approach design challenges with the same care and consideration an inn keeper does; designing for how people feel and interact as much as what they see. 

Follow their travels @yabupushelberg & @georgeglenn