Geneva Avenue

Geneva Avenue

Geneva Avenue is in one of Toronto’s most diverse and tightly woven communities; Cabbagetown. The neighbourhood attracts because of its complex tapestry that only diversity can bring. The fabric named after the neighbourhood has a high-volume structure and distinctive honeycomb look. The multifaceted nature is evident in the delicate but harmonious contrast of three colours. This accenting gives it a very special character with great depth and apparent three dimensionality.


Upholstery Specifications

  • Origin
  • Weight
  • Width
    140cm / 55"
  • Martindale
    90000 rubs
  • Composition
    Textured Wool 96% Virgin Wool, 4% Polyamide
  • Certifications
    US Cal. Bull. 117-2013 / EN 9100 / ISO 9001 / BS 5852 Part 1
  • Care
  • Price
    €120 per meter


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