Sumach Street

Sumach Street

Sumach Street is part of a grid of lanes and streets composing Cabbagetown, an area of Toronto named for the Irish immigrants who used to grow cabbage in the front yards of the beautiful Victorian and Edwardian houses that line its streets. Today it’s a richly layered and genuine community tying together an operating farm in the middle of a modern metropolis, and families and people of all types and from all places. The Sumach Street fabric collection mirrors this tightly woven and complex tapestry with depth that only diversity can bring.


Upholstery Specifications

  • Origin
  • Weight
  • Width
    138 cm / 54.5"
  • Martindale
    50000 rubs
  • Composition
    Twisted yarn & chenille 52% Cotton, 22% Viscose, 14% Polyacrylic, 6% Linen, 3% Nylon, 3% Polyester
  • Certifications
    EN 1021-1/2 / BS 5852 part 1 / BS 5852 crib 5 with treatment / US Cal. Bull. 117- 2013 inter-liner required
  • Care
  • Price
    €145 per meter


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